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It is not enough for individuals to break with their death-dealing ways; the culture as a whole must take a turn and reestablish itself as earth-friendly, life-giving and hopeful.
Q would say "Pay attention, 007" then proudly show him the latest death-dealing device.
They get it right the first time and leave no doubt, in the crosswinds of public debate, that death-dealing in the name of a "just cause" has never stopped injustice.
But it won't be all right for a woman who has to go back to a community torn apart by her death-dealing husband, branded Britain's biggest serial killer.
He however said it was responsibility of state to protect public lives by completely banning such a death-dealing activity.
Although North Korea has grabbed headlines in recent months for its attempt to become a nuclear power with ballistic missiles that can deliver death-dealing warheads to North America, the national security document puts the threat from Pyongyang at a lower level than that posed by Beijing and Moscow.
In order to shed light on the meaning of the death of Christ, Axton focuses on and develops the concept that sin is a death-dealing deception that accounts for the human subject and the human project outside of Christ.
But a crack West Midlands Police team smashed the death-dealing gang, and he was sentenced to 16 and a half years behind bars.
We all know that terrorism is fueled, not only by economic problems, ideology, or religion, but also by the proliferation of death-dealing machines, gadgets, and equipment.
This nauseating scandal has made it starkly clear that this death-dealing organization, engaged in the grisly, systematic marketing of human organs for money, has forfeited any claim to taxpayer dollars for any part of its budget.
The new sidearm weapon class recalls developer Bungie's finest Halo death-dealing instruments.
No longer does the suited figure look like some sort of death-dealing alien.