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This nauseating scandal has made it starkly clear that this death-dealing organization, engaged in the grisly, systematic marketing of human organs for money, has forfeited any claim to taxpayer dollars for any part of its budget.
The new sidearm weapon class recalls developer Bungie's finest Halo death-dealing instruments.
This time his hero is back east, in the wilds of Kentucky, trying to save his older brother Bo and family from a nasty situation in which they have gotten on the wrong side of a vengeful and death-dealing wing of the Chicago mob.
Scarcely less calculated to make Muslims feel that their beliefs and values are deemed of zero significance has been the British government's mealy-mouthed response to Israel's death-dealing rampage in Gaza.
Yes, people kill people, but the unparalleled ease with which people buy death-dealing weapons in this country makes it all too gruesomely easy.
Iran is currently Israel's major objective of death-dealing slaughter in the Middle East.
With the ravages of democratic ideas, however, the modern republic cannot go to war under the old conceptions of autocracy and death-dealing belligerency.
As a Christian, I have found solace in grounding myself in the belief that the power of Jesus' death on the cross does not lie in Jesus' suffering at the hands of others, but rather in the power of God to raise life out of death-dealing circumstances.
He notes the arguments of robot proponents that death-dealing autonomous weapons "will not be susceptible to some of the human shortcomings that may undermine the protection of life".
The designer of the death-dealing Daleks that have terrified generations of Dr Who fans has died, aged 84.
You can possess rats to look for secret entrances to hideouts, magically teleport to otherwise unreachable locations and pause time to pepper foes with bullets in safety, expanding even further the death-dealing options at your disposal.
To be "martyrs of Easter" is to "practice resurrection," in the provocative phrase of the farmer-poet Wendell Berry, who begins by defying all death-dealing, anti-life forces in the world on behalf of the Author of Life.