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DEATH BED, Scotch law. The incapacity to exercise the power of disposing of one's property after being attacked with a mortal disease.
     2. It commences with the beginning of such disease.
     3. There are two exceptions to this general rule, namely: 1. If he survive for sixty days after the act or, 2. If he go to kirk or market unattended. He is then said to be in legitima potestate, or in liege poustie. 1 Bell's Com. 84, 85.

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An epilogue descends from metaphysical poetry to social history, as two accounts of women on their deathbeds are chosen to demonstrate the reality of atheistic doubt in the Renaissance.
In fairness, we need to say that Catholic folklore is filled with stories of people snatched from hell at the last moment, dramatic deathbed conversions, and a healthy fear of the defining moment of death.
Ten, 15, 20 years ago, there is no way that George Michael would have adopted a lifestyle that has made him look like George Best on his deathbed.
And yesterday, a former glamour model told how her father had confessed to the murder on his deathbed.
The green turns jetblack in a portrait of Rubinstein on her deathbed.
According to traditional scholarship, which Carroll convincingly dismantles throughout his erudite introduction, Greene composed the tale on his deathbed and related something of his own experience in the story of Roberto, a scholar who through the necessity of paternal disavowal assumes professional stints as playwright and rogue.
THE American doctor accused of forcing George Harrison to sign a guitar on his deathbed has been dropped from his top job.
The great Spanish artist and Modigliani exhibited together a number of times, and Picasso reportedly thought his friend the best dresser in Paris and was said to have been mumbling his name on his deathbed.
On her deathbed, Jean urged friend Mary Nicol to continue with her
As an actor, he won acclaim--and helped win an Oscar nomination for costar Bruce Davison--for his performance as Sean, who, with Davison at his side, passes away in an unforgettable deathbed sequence in 1990's Longtime Companion.
Though he was intensely plagued by stage fright, he agreed - even making a deathbed promise to his father (Goulet Sr.
THE teenager whose deathbed image became a testament to the dangers of drugs has been laid to rest.