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But he added: " My view is that we'll look back in 20 years and say the final deathblow for Japan was [ Prime Minister Shinzo] Abe and his policies.
Elodie Aba and Michael Hammer's briefing outlines several reasons why broadening the scope of the R2P would constitute a deathblow to the program.
But he added: "My view is that we'll look back in 20 years and say the final deathblow for Japan was [Prime Minister Shinzo] Abe and his policies.
That tradition, Marini argues, had been dealt a near deathblow by Progressivism, which in its focus on the future denied the existence of the eternal things--"whether God, the gods, the ideas, or nature"--on which the epic depends.
But, Professor Tribe's comments notwithstanding, Wilkie was not an unequivocal deathblow.
This invitation can be viewed either from a closed perspective that looks upon the first antinomy as a deathblow to metaphysics, or from an open perspective that holds out the possibility of its positive solution.
defense need not signal an absolute deathblow to the plaintiff's
Banking its future on the Windows Phone platform (as much as they may deny it), many have considered it to be a deathblow to the company, while the other camp feels it's the safest bet.
Releasing its annual activity report, the ystanbul Police Department stated it has dealt a deathblow to the gangs dealing in the sale and distribution of pirated and counterfeit merchandise in ystanbul with successful operations in recent years.
With brute strength, Thor holds up Jormungand's poison-spewing head by the fishing line as he prepares to wield the deathblow with his hammer.
His erotic revolutionaries "effectively wage war against the politics of respectability" (xiv) and "fire the deathblow to the politics of respectability" (xvi-xvii, emphasis mine).
71) The image of "the lazy Mexican always asleep under his sombrero," she wrote in the Village Voice, "has received its deathblow.