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Hard as it is to imagine, Paul believes that deathless life is exactly what Christians have received in their baptism.
As Probst has grown into his seemingly permanent role on the seemingly deathless show, he's certainly learned a bit about the folly of trying to predict the fickle forces of crowd dynamics, whether those crowds comprise contestants or viewers.
The central relationship between bullied teenage boy Oskar (a gangly Martin Quinn) and deathless vampire locked in the body of a teenage girl Eli (Rebecca Benson, sad but mischievous) is one of an odd couple whose innocence only just shines through their youthful uncertainty.
Here wood, so prone to decay and corruption, replaces a proverbially deathless metal.
The Carmarthen funnyman's seemingly deathless, ever-extending UK tour calls back to the capital to regale home audience once more with his latest show The Man With The Flaming Battenburg Tattoo -the third in a trilogy which includes The Award-Winning Mince Pie and The Cat That Looked Like Nicholas Lyndhurst.
I come to know that I--the limitless I of Self rather than the limited I of ego--is birthless and deathless, without form or gender, religion or creed.
The flower arrangement in Deathless Winter is wrapped in anti-viral sheeting with oxygen tubes laced through the hydrangeas while the table is loaded with the contents of his medicine cupboard.
Ranging from 'Raider of the Spaceways'; 'The Time Trap'; and 'War-Gods of the Void'; to 'Soldiers of Space'; 'Crypt-City of the Deathless One', and 'The Eyes of Thar', "Thunder In The Void is a science fiction fan's delight.
Rooted in conceptually driven actions (arguably the artist's strength), Untitled Epic Poem (after Homer on the shores of Gallipoli), 2011, shows Glynn standing on the beach--the shores of ancient Troy barely visible in the distance--dropping a series of fabric signs into the water, each bearing a violent or forceful phrase from the Iliad: MAN-RUINING WAR, A DISMAL SCENE, THIS, LIVE FOREVER DEATHLESS, WITHOUT AGE.
Sure, this is no deathless page-turner because we know what happens in the end (McCoy conquers the world, sorry for the spoiler) but the object of the exercise is illustration and in this respect McClean is something of an artist.
Quoting scriptures, Zed suggested Sabah and worldwide Hindu community: conquer your passions and senses; meditate; keep your heart pure and full of love; seek higher knowledge; and realize Self which is deathless, source of all light and knows all.
Remember when you couldn't get away from the deathless classics of Dokken and Chris DeBurgh?