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The Chocolate Debacle is available from all major booksellers.
Es una lastima que en castellano, cuando se habla de debacles, no se mencionen puertas por abrir ni rios gelidos a punto de quiebre, sino las consecuencias que la especulacion financiera--y sus excesos--tendra en la calidad de vida de la gente.
This ensuing debacle, wherever it may lead, has as much to do with the electorate having enough of the privileged class lording it over them as it does about the decline of standards in public life.
He reciprocates though he was not looking for anyone after the debacle of his marriage.
Even though it was written before the 2004 election, it reflects some of what we learned from that debacle.
We believe the Coke debacle should be a wake-up call to everyone involved in the good governance debate: Even fully independent boards don't necessarily make good decisions.
The Betamax debacle in the 80s would have finished most companies forever.
Following the debacle of the Math A Regents exam last June, New York is loosening testing requirements for high school graduation.
Every metropolis on the continent is marked by the fading traces of the colonial debacle, and Eritrea, briefly subject to Mussolini's blind rage to join the rest of Europe, is no different.
Propelled by the Clinton impeachment debacle, a pair of Silicon Valley do-gooders put together an electronic people's campaign to urge congressional leaders to register their grievances and "move on.
For those disappointed that 2003 won't be the year of Liza (on reality TV, at least), the disc features the diva's rendition of "We Are the Champions"--a rousing, if strangely drag queen--esque, debacle.
This year's A-Level grades debacle will have put some people off marking exams when there is already a general shortage of examiners, Qualification and Curriculum Authority chief executive Dr Ken Boston said.