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Debar added his voice to those who link Turkey's shooting of the plane to Russia's recent success in bombing Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant oil transportation facilities, which it uses to send contraband oil to Turkey.
The new era for the Debar thermal springs began on 15 October 2004 when the Capa family took over Debarski Banji on the stock market.
DeBar feels that being a lawyer is helpful in his service as a state representative.
Anyone with information can log on to the force website and click on the Operation Debar button.
He said the country had to move forward toward NATO and the EU as only with Euro-Atlantic integration can the massive migration from Debar and the country be stopped.
Changing of borders between Macedonia and Albania that would make Debar an Albanian town never crossed my mind when I said that my native town would soon become a district of Tirana.
A factory for production of bottled water, investment of Croatian company "Mali Losinj", opened near Debar village Gari.
False declaration or provision of wrong information may result in recoveries and permanent ineligibility or debar from all PBM schemes, he added.
Thereafter, the woman lodged a personal status lawsuit against her father in which she requested the Dubai Sharia Court's permission to debar her father as her custodian.
The first written record in which Debar is mentioned is the map of Claudius Ptolemy made around the middle of the second century in which Debar is designated as Deborus.
* Voters will have to leave their finger prints alongside their ballots; the turnout threshold in electing diaspora MPs will be raised from 2 to 25 percent; most of the Debar region will be transferred from the sixth to the fifth electoral unit; and during the election campaign aside from ministers, mayors, too, will not be allowed to show up at groundbreaking or ribbon-cutting ceremonies.
To protect the government's interests, the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) provides that agencies can suspend or debar contractors for causes affecting present responsibility--such as serious failure to perform to the terms of a contract.