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In these excursions she would sometimes go with her sister--whom, by some means, she had persuaded or bribed to enter into her schemes--sometimes alone, never, now, with me; so that I was debarred the pleasure of seeing Mr.
And his infatuation for the cup was, as he declared, a very pure passion, since the circum-stances debarred him from the chief joy of the average collector, that of showing his treasure to his friends.
The head of the so-called Special Crimes Department debarred by his position from going out of doors personally in quest of secrets locked up in guilty breasts, had a propensity to exercise his considerable gifts for the detection of incriminating truth upon his own subordinates.
With a third call, more imperative than either of the two former, Nell felt obliged to comply, and this time a chorus was maintained not only by the two men together, but also by the third man on horseback, who being by his position debarred from a nearer participation in the revels of the night, roared when his companions roared, and rent the very air.
8 By Signing And Submitting Any Bid For $25,000 Or More, The Bidder Certifies That Their Company, Any Subcontractors, Or Principals Are Not Suspended Or Debarred By The General Services Administration (gsa) In Accordance With The Requirements In Omb Circular A-133.
The government very rarely issues official lists of bad employers, but sometimes their behavior is so egregious the DoL places them on a debarred list and, for the worse employers, labels them "willful violators.
The leader of any political party, irrespective of political affiliation, must be debarred from contesting elections," Tyagi said.
These politicians could be debarred from contesting polls if the bench headed by Justice R.
In a major show of force, SNC-Lavalin, a large Canadian multinational, was debarred for a period of 10 years with 100 of its affiliates by the World Bank.
Among the Parliamentary constituencies, Uttar Pradesh has a maximum of 158 candidates debarred from contesting, while Chhattisgarh has the maximum of 240 debarred candidates when it comes to State Legislative Assemblies.
If no allegations are forthcoming, the defendant will be debarred from making allegations against the claimants [the Royal Bank of Scotland, the English directors formerly on Liverpool's board and current managing director Ian Ayre] in the future.
Having won a silver gilt in 2009 in the Small Village Category, followed by victory and gold last year, under Britain in Bloom rules, Stanghow is debarred from entry in 2011.