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But struggling with these better feelings was pride,--the vice of the lowest and most debased creatures no less than of the high and self-assured.
Abhorred and despised by even the few who are cognisant of its miserable and disgraceful existence, stifled by the very filth it so profusely scatters, rendered deaf and blind by the exhalations of its own slime, the obscene journal, happily unconscious of its degraded state, is rapidly sinking beneath that treacherous mud which, while it seems to give it a firm standing with the low and debased classes of society, is nevertheless rising above its detested head, and will speedily engulf it for ever.
Sheikh Karouri in a statement to the Sudan News Agency said the whole Sudanese population welcomes to the Sudan, the Sultan Reccep Tayyib Erdogan who by his visit to the country has renewed by this visit of his the august history of the Othman emperors as they upheld the Islamic faith and debased the Jews.
And yet the sunset manages to infuse this debased landscape with "subtlety" and "otherworldliness.
Kaley Cuoco has once again debased reports of marriage troubles with husband Ryan Sweeting.
Gay, Jewish, Argentinian-born, Canadian by citizenship, a resident of Tahiti, London, and now France, a worldly man in the old sense, not in any debased, current, broadband sensean essayist and anthologist and occasional fiction writer.
The deportation of 14 Syrians to Damascus debased Lebanon and the Future Bloc members are preparing to move against such a procedure [deportation] taken by the General Security in accordance with law," said Wehbi.
In my opinion the whole process, at a cost of pounds 6 million, debased the whole meaning and philosophy behind carrying the Olympic Torch.
These terrific stories should be loudly and enthusiastically promoted as they have real wonder and quality in a genre too often debased as a current craze: 7.
John Lindsey, of St Andrews, Fife, in a letter to The Daily Telegraph "Closing libraries is the behaviour of a debased culture" Writer Philip Pullman
Be dubious about promises that are pillow-cased, Cooking apples can be Snow White poison laced, Sugary answers swerve the truth retraced, Don't allow the present to be debased.
The coins, made from debased silver or bronze, were in a ceramic pot just over a foot below the surface.