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This debasement of language reflects a diminishing faith in the articulation and pursuit of noble ideas.
The time is past due for us to decide whether we are a moral people, or merely a comfortable people, whether we place our own convenience above the life-struggle of backward nations, whether we place the sanctity of enterprise above the debasement of our public.
Greek philosopher famous for, among other things, his rigorous adherence to austerity, as well as an early brush with scandal on allegations of currency debasement, seems an appropriate source of inspiration ahead of potentially fractious European parliamentary elections (along with widely expected policy loosening from the European Central Bank (ECB)).
The absolute sanctity of life takes precedence over all other considerations; life must be prolonged regardless of the cost in suffering or debasement.
Given the debasement of currency currently taking place on an unprecedented scale, planning for inflation must be a given.
Alphabet soup euphemisms for currency debasement and the theft of wealth.
With higher yields you get a higher opportunity cost of holding gold, and with the stronger US dollar there is less of a fear of currency debasement.
Concerns over inflation and currency debasement have driven capitals to the white metal as a cheaper alternative of gold.
However, the drivers are the same - the debasement of fiat currencies as a store of value and fear over the outlook for the global economy.
For all the comic debasement, there was a certain searing honesty beneath the show's artifices and a knowing pain underscoring a diverse set.
Why add one more avenue of social debasement to the ones we have already?
But decades of determined silence have done nothing to slow the spread of porn, to rein in its ever-increasing debasement, or to mitigate its social costs.