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However, now the reduction in seats for the said districts would amount to more than 40% variation in each district, which is groundless, unconscionable and would amount to malapportionment, debasement and disenfranchisement of the large population of the area and clearly falls within the ambit of 'gerrymandering', thus unconstitutional and illegal,' argued the petitioners.
The debasement campaign targeting GE-l has been strikingly similar to those that used to take place in the Communist party in the countries of the former Soviet Union.
The actual debasement of currency is an equally ancient concept.
In comparison to 2007, the actual debasement of income in the southern city Kurdzhali amounts to 33%, and in Sliven a 24%.
With higher yields you get a higher opportunity cost of holding gold, and with the stronger US dollar there is less of a fear of currency debasement.
DADU -- An action committee of over 50 residents, social and political party workers under the platform of All Parties Council, held a demonstration in town on Wednesday to protest against the district administrator for not resolving the problems of citizens of Dadu such as prolonged unscheduled break downs of electricity, low pressure of gas, worsening law and order situation, encroachment, gambling dens in town, visa system in schools and debasement of schools due to interference of political influential etc.
The many cash-stretching measures that Deng mentions, including the "great debasement," came about because the royal government was trying to compensate for chronic scarcity, a paucity of coin, and this scarcity not only drove state formation, it also "hampered the Crown's quest to centralize and modernize the state.
In order to have inflation, there must be some monetary debasement; indeed, monetary debasement and inflation are synonymous.
Connections both to the historical and to Conceptual art will emphasize the late artist's use of diverse strategies, from travesty to debasement and humor, to savagely critique the body's reification in art.
If the UK [fails] to get there, new superstar BoE chairman, Mark Carney, will follow the US Federal Reserve lead into more and excessive quantitative easing, leading to the further debasement of the sterling," he said
Debasement therefore has probably got a long way to run.
Just to remind readers, this involved systematic phone-hacking, persecution of victims, a total disregard for the truth and debasement of the whole concept of journalism.