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'However, now the reduction in seats for the said districts would amount to more than 40% variation in each district, which is groundless, unconscionable and would amount to malapportionment, debasement and disenfranchisement of the large population of the area and clearly falls within the ambit of 'gerrymandering', thus unconstitutional and illegal,' argued the petitioners.
While Bishop of Lewes, Ball had hand-picked 18 vulnerable victims to commit acts of "debasement" in the name of religion, such as praying naked at the altar and encouraging them to submit to beatings.
"Incidents of psychological maltreatment and debasement in complete disregard for the human dignity of the child must be avoided at all costs, especially by parents and those in the immediate circle of every child," Sylwander concluded.
The first salvo came from an AK Party deputy who said "GE-l is making irresponsible statements." This statement was followed by quite an intensive debasement campaign on Twitter targeting GE-l and his career.
Like every government debtor since the time of the Pharaohs and Roman Caesars, Uncle Sam's central bank will engineer a "stealth debasement" of its debt.
Despite what so many analysts claim to the contrary, in a modern economy, inflation is always the result of the debasement of a local currency.
Critique: A work of fiction that could have been ripped from the headlines of today's corrupted political and economic, including the continued debasement of America's infrastructure, urban cities, and environmental degradations.
In comparison to 2007, the actual debasement of income in the southern city Kurdzhali amounts to 33%, and in Sliven a 24%.
Ajit Pawar's open threat underlines the debasement of politics-- a thirsty village is promised water in exchange of votes.
DADU -- An action committee of over 50 residents, social and political party workers under the platform of All Parties Council, held a demonstration in town on Wednesday to protest against the district administrator for not resolving the problems of citizens of Dadu such as prolonged unscheduled break downs of electricity, low pressure of gas, worsening law and order situation, encroachment, gambling dens in town, visa system in schools and debasement of schools due to interference of political influential etc.
BJP leader Sudhanshu Mittal said he was saddened at the kind of language coming from somebody who claims himself to be educated and observed it is "debasement of politics" of the worst kind.
But the state did this too, notably during the "great debasement" of the mid-sixteenth century, when the government of Henry VIII called in the money supply and substituted coins with less gold or silver content.