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debaser Sketches In Sound DOING exactly what it says on the label, debaser's Sketches In Sound is a delightful hybrid of loosely recorded, cheeky, quirky songs that hint at pop perfection.
From the sonic sounds of Bone Machine to edgy Debaser, the commercial appeal of Here Comes Your Man and the quirky This Monkey's Gone To Heaven, Wave Of Mutilation encompasses not only single successes, but also a selection of B-sides.
Also on tonight's bill are local faves Debaser, of Sandpeople, and 3 Blind Mics.
blues), Debaser (lo-fi), Breschnev (indie), Autosuggestion (electro beats) and Michael Rattray (pop) are more, but still just the tip of the iceberg.
KRS-One, Boom Bap Project, Debaser, Soundproof, the Phormula - Hip-hop, 8 p.
Joining him will be Boom Bap Project, Debaser, Soundproof and the Phormula.
The gain to the debasers of coin and currency is known as "seigniorage.
They were debasers of the social coin: imagine a man named Abrams who dared to cad himself Stonewall Jackson and who has also dared to come from (American) Georgia.
Images of Jews as slumlords, corrupters of youth, distributors of dangerous substances to society, and debasers of public morals also are not new.
Orwell suggested that governments are the greatest debasers of language, and, more recently, Jacques Ellul, an expert on the subject, warned that, "Propaganda must be seen as situated at the center of the growing powers of the State .