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Instead of the promised infusion of novel political creativity, we witness a debasing game of political hop-scotch without public advantage as termed-out state legislators campaign for the City Council and termed-out city officials campaign for the Legislature.
We come to the third disadvantage: The cost of trade will be in proportion to the debasing of money.
The historian ascribes two reasons for so great a disaster: the first, the greediness of the nobles who possessed many towns and strongholds of the kingdom; the other that, from the time of Ferdinand, five kings had altered money either by debasing it or increasing its value.
I have been extremely upset over this issue for sometime and it was purely therapeutic for me, to have my city take a stand against the debasing of the Stars and Stripes by having this wicked rag flown below it.
Some, however, are not affected by the disadvantages derived from debasing of copper coinage.
Now if the yearly shipments from the Indies bring in a million silver marks, at least five hundred thousand gold coins would be added to the treasury annually by means of this debasing.
But if gold is not debased, it certainly follows that a gold piece (which we call a corona) will not be valued at twelve silver coins but, rather, at fourteen or fifteen, in proportion to the debasing of silver.
A year later, Dole mixed praise for the entertainment industry with criticism, denouncing ``degrading, debasing, tawdry, second-rate, antihero'' movies.
This rate continued for several years until it was noticed that the neighbors were further debasing gold.
At this point, we may consider the possibility of debasing gold coins.
Unlike so much else that is passed off as `reality,' they are not gratuitous, cheap, debasing or mindless.
They have accused the academic left of debasing scholarship for political ends.