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In Debatable Humor, Stewart builds his study on the theoretical foundation of "signaling theory" (p.
Those organizations that compete to deliver the public good may drive the price of delivery down (debatable) but what Stein argues is not debatable is that such a system becomes more accountable to the public.
The visitors went ahead courtesy of a debatable penalty on 28 minutes after Scott Michie was adjudged to have shoved Jim Lauchlan.
The amount of tax legislation that will actually pass before year-end, however, is debatable.
One stricture that was not expected is that Microsoft cannot prevent applications from other manufacturers from starting when Windows boots, though the true value of such a function is debatable.
Whether the policy endangers students, as the attorney general claims, is also debatable.
I know it's debatable as to whether they have the right or the responsibility to do so.
Whether the publication meets its intended goal as a "provider of succinct and non-biased information" is debatable.
Whether Norway's experience is relevant outside Scandinavia is debatable.
Still, some of Peterson's conclusions are debatable.
How close to the edge is debatable, I might add, because some would argue that we should celebrate it in the year 2001.
Fast-talking and 'lude-loving, a boy from the New York boroughs turned inveterate name-dropper, he presided over a club so exclusive that during its late-'70s heyday, it is debatable whether God herself--the originator of Rubell's velvet-rope policy--could have gotten in.