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For Anglophiles, history lovers and, yes, cyclists, The Debatable Land is a journey worth taking.
Speaking on the Andrew Marr Show on the BBC, Corbyn then hit out at the government citing humanitarian reasons to launch the missiles describing the argument as a "legally debatable concept".
The post Legal basis for British strikes in Syria debatable -- Corbyn appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
In this article, they review the history of bad faith litigation and recent cases in New Jersey and Colorado eroding the "fairly debatable" defense.
Nonetheless, even the rational basis or fairly debatable test does not protect governmental decisions that are completely irrational.
Specifically, his text Debatable Humor takes two unexpected turns from the more traditional corpus of political debate research.
Following this incident, it becomes rather debatable whether these officials have credibility to lustrate.
Eurovision Your Country Needs You Friday, BBC1, 10,35pm The title is debatable , especially given six acts will be fighting to sing a track written by Pete Waterman.
Sillanpaa believes the incorporation of the public interest into corporate decision-making is debatable in respect to the concept of altruism.
Currently being adapted into a feature-length film, it's debatable whether this version could ever be bettered.
But whether it's commercial enough to grab a few more along the way is debatable. JD
HBOS, RBS, Northern Rock and the FSA is a debatable issue, however a precedent was set.