debatable point

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How long that essence of decency will remain in our society is a debatable point. For in my view, almost everyone is being bombarded in much of the media by bad example and unkind and brutish ways, with the "F" word in much of the entertainment on offer.
Thats not a debatable point. Im told that with regard to Ohio, where we have been devastated by the opioid epidemic, over 90 percent of the heroin is coming across the southern border.
I know it's a very debatable point but the atmosphere in stadiums are different now since they've become all-seater, I agree with that.
It's a debatable point since the industry worldwide makes some accommodation to fit into certain stereotypes that foreigners hold but it comes down to a matter of taste and how far is too far.
But whether Captain Cook's potato is really proof that the two cultures did not meet is a debatable point.
How we arrived is a debatable point, God's creation or Darwin's evolution?
Now, whether people choose to sleep rough in a remote, damp and draughty cave, rather than in a doorway, because they don't want to be in the eye of the authorities, is no doubt a debatable point, but it's something worth considering.
It is a debatable point whether a sitting prime minister should get down and dirty or simply rise above the ugly rhetoric of his opposition.
The season didn't go exactly as they planned, but making the playoffs was better than watching at home, even if their first-round series made that a debatable point.
However, this is a debatable point since many leaders skip Davos exactly for this extreme weather conditions there.
It was designed in part to buy the club time and end the uncertainty, but whether it has done either is a debatable point. United have stretched the faith and loyalty of their supporter base to breaking point recently and few seem in charitable mood.
However, ratings remain high, attendance remains high and revenues remain high, so just how much Werner and his panel will change things is a debatable point.