debatable point

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Now, whether people choose to sleep rough in a remote, damp and draughty cave, rather than in a doorway, because they don't want to be in the eye of the authorities, is no doubt a debatable point, but it's something worth considering.
It is a debatable point whether a sitting prime minister should get down and dirty or simply rise above the ugly rhetoric of his opposition.
The season didn't go exactly as they planned, but making the playoffs was better than watching at home, even if their first-round series made that a debatable point.
However, this is a debatable point since many leaders skip Davos exactly for this extreme weather conditions there.
However, ratings remain high, attendance remains high and revenues remain high, so just how much Werner and his panel will change things is a debatable point.
This is a debatable point, but it happens to be circulating freely among Lebanon's non-Sunni communities.
However, the fact he has not played competitive tennis for five months can become a debatable point.
Walter's fiscal policy of spending big to restore Rangers might run contrary to a straight-faced accountant's idea of good husbandry, and it was the only debatable point in his State of the Union message on Tuesday.
That is a debatable point as the Gujarat riots took place while he was at the helm of affairs.
That is not a debatable point among economists and bankers.
That Webster should be placed among the ranks of America's notable founders is a debatable point, but Webster's obsession with the written word and participation in American politics is a story well worth telling.