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Media reports are appearing with gradually increasing frequency, noise is being generated from certain quarters; there is debatably a systematic drive to create the fear of ISIS in the collective heart of Central Asia.
While these measures may constitute positive steps towards giving effect to detainees' health rights in the future they are debatably not adequate.
Critique: The loons are a group of aquatic birds found in many parts of North America and northern Eurasia (Europe, Asia and debatably Africa).
The researchers also commented on the oil market as OPEC kicks the 'barrel' down the road: The report said: "The lack of any Saudi response, in contrast to the long-held belief that it would step in to support prices if the oil price fall below $100/barrel, is debatably the main reason why the price declined to the $90s a barrel in September, and then gave way to another decline to the low $70s a barrel in November.
The effects of in-utero testosterone on females with all male siblings are well documented in rodents and cattle, and debatably exist in humans.
Shelley_M_W @worldlittoday is debatably THE best lit mag I've come across.
Including debatably the best player in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo.
To our reader'sand oursurprise, comfortably nestled in this register of real and debatably still-operative secret societies, is an entry for "The Elders of Zion.
The guidance makes debatably unforeseeable circumstances quite frequent.
It turned out to be a good move because it's easy to remember and debatably 'cool'.