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32) Debatably, this is not completely accurate as SAPS detains people on a daily basis albeit for shorter periods of time and though SAPS detains less people than the DCS does, police cells do sometimes become overcrowded as has been discussed earlier.
Kono Matsu, writing for the Canadian-based Adbusters magazine, cites Mohandas Gandhi's successful call to the people of India to boycott British cloth and salt, which eventually led to India's freedom and, debatably, contributed to the fall of the British Empire.
As compared to a debatably existent rule against rulification, however, a standard against rulification is more likely to yield manageable and satisfactory forms of lower court discretion.
Riverplace Tower offers 360 degrees of unencumbered views, debatably the best in the Jacksonville market.
The England defender had debatably been adjudged to have conceded the corner which ended in Wigan's goal, after the ball seemed to go out off Jean Beasejour.
Naturally, there are far more trainers and t-shirts in evidence at the event than shiny shoes and suits - and there's also debatably more Mohawks and ponytails than at last month's Metallica concert.
In this day and age, when Youtube is littered with foodies-turned-pseudo-chefs and the dime-a-dozen TV chefs who's as tough and debatably witty as the last one, someone forgot to tell Gordon Ramsay to innovate.
2), balance, culture, part de- cease, fault, fend, legate, part, pend, press, spoil, void dis- coloured, guise, miss[i/a]ble (3), section, solution ira- passive, pending, peril, plant, print, prison in- coming, dent, famous, flammable, scribe, take, valuable no- (4) ball, body, contest, hoper, nonsense (non-on sense) non- (4) collegiate (5), entity, event, person, word not- aries (6), e-book, half bad, o' Gaea (6), ornis (6) un- ravel, to, 'til (and, debatably, till , despite the etymological and spelling differences)
I use the term "victim" instead of "patient" here since the procedure is not ordered by a physician for a medical purpose, but is instead mandated by an overreaching big government for reasons that are debatably punitive.
announced the ongoing development of a new and debatably safer "smokeless' cigarette.
More debatably, Cole's argument that it extended far into the rural areas allows him to challenge both Scholch and Nathan Brown, who argue against direct peasant involvement in the Urabi movement, and so to characterize it as a truly nation-wide revolt.