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We are reduced to speculation because the bishops' deliberations on this issue were almost entirely in camera, expect for a small part at the end when they debated the adoption of a "statement to the church" which was subsequently made public.
When national security measures are debated, we can push for proposals that bring safety to our communities.
Even though issues of race and class are hotly debated within the debate community, they have received little coverage in scholarly or popular texts.
Nixon had successfully debated Jerry Voorhis in his run for the House in 1946 and Kennedy's triumph in the 1960 West Virginia presidential primary is credited, in large part, to his victory over Hubert Humphrey in their debate (Mazo et al.
Moreover, there also was conflicting evidence suggesting that, especially if one debated both sides of controversial questions, debate induced greater empathy, perspective-taking, and respect for alternative points of view.) Meanwhile, leaders in government, politics, law, business, and the academy testified to the important role debate played in preparing them for their responsibilities.