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Be a good girl the rest of your days, and want shall be no motive to your going astray; and, believe me, there is more pleasure, even in this world, in an innocent and virtuous life, than in one debauched and vicious.
Victim of her marriage with a debauched joiner, she was oppressed by the needs of many infant children.
When a woman debauched from her youth, nay, even being the offspring of debauchery and vice, comes to give an account of all her vicious practices, and even to descend to the particular occasions and circumstances by which she ran through in threescore years, an author must be hard put to it wrap it up so clean as not to give room, especially for vicious readers, to turn it to his disadvantage.
My reason is as well convinced that these gentry were as utterly worthless and debauched villains, as it is that the laws and jails hardened them in their evil courses, or that their wonderful escapes were effected by the prison-turnkeys who, in those admirable days, had always been felons themselves, and were, to the last, their bosom-friends and pot-companions.
He thought, as she once more shaded them - not so much looking at him, as looking for him with a brutish instinct that he was there - that no single trace was left in those debauched features, or in the mind that went along with them, of the woman he had married eighteen years before.
The NHS is becoming a salvage shop for young, debauched, broken bodies demanding the time of busy, overworked medical teams 20 years sooner than the health economists had planned.
The staff and most of the contributors of National Review, for instance, actually live in debauched urban
This statement came only weeks after the network brought Jerry Springer and his brand of way-low culture to the beer-soaked, brain-dead, many-thong-butted shores of Florida for a debauched celebration of spring so brazen that it would've made the early pagans go to Jesus pretty quickly.
Knoppers places the joys of Milton's Paradise beside passages from Pepys describing the debauched celebrations of Charles's restoration.
The brainchild of Glasgow DJ GK Machine and partner Mark Dawes, the duo were playing an improvised set as part of Area 51's infamous New Year's Day party, a typically debauched affair that has become something of an institution since its inception back in 1996.
The characters are a brilliantly-drawn flashback to a stylish yet debauched world.
Cardiff council's licensing committee had attempted to establish the zone to prevent more alcohol being sold on the street following concerns from traders and police about violent and debauched scenes on the street - the centre of the city's nightlife.