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Whereas Tarantino's Pulp Fiction is pumped full of adrenaline-fueled dialogue and visual wit, Salle contents himself with endless stylized posing; his film is debilitatingly estheticized.
His role in countering the Left's political depression, which has so debilitatingly accompanied capitalism's new economic depression, makes his sudden death all the more painful.
More debilitatingly, he gets bogged down sorting out conflicting evidence concerning not only mortality rates, but also the facts of the case.
Ruddock contrasts that situationwith tomorrow's visitors who have also been made to work debilitatingly hard.
People with debilitatingly slow narrowband connections in their homes and offices are able to burn digital material onto CDs or memory sticks and physically bring it into the CTC to send to clients and other project collaborators.
Federico - he says: "I applied for Big Brother because I have contracted this debilitatingly possessive disease which renders its victims defenceless to the fascinating banality of normality."
In the case of some affiliates, this has led to a "revolving door" situation, characterised by a debilitatingly rapid turnover of officials.
The director of rugby will try his fourth inside centre in two months when Worcester meet Bucuresti this weekend, as Loki Crichton becomes the latest man to don a No 12 shirt that has been debilitatingly difficult to fill since the degeneration and subsequent departure of Thomas Lombard.