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Ten of the eleven identified categories were antecedents of competitive state anxiety, while self-confidence appeared to impact whether the experienced anxiety had a facilitative or debilitative impact on performance.
Statistics students demonstrated higher levels debilitative anxiety, t(1,55) = 2.
That is, these scales can help to identify the stage at which statistics anxiety is most debilitative for a particular student.
Don Stinchcomb, president of Purity Foods, says that his company became interested in marketing spelt after naturopathic physicians in the Detroit area began recommending it to their patients with chronic debilitative diseases such as cancer.
Administrators attempt to mastermind this transformation by touting a strategy of growth, yet they sustain an environment that reinforces obsolete perceptual frameworks and perpetuates debilitative behavior.
We would not think it unusual, for instance, if a judge gave a defendant who killed his rich uncle in order to inherit his fortune a more severe sentence than a nephew who killed his uncle in order to save him further suffering from a painfully debilitative disease.
One-third of parents whose children are infected with rotavirus become ill (7), and rotavirus diarrhea can occur among travelers to developing nations, the elderly, and persons with debilitative or immunosuppressive conditions.
This eye-tracking technology solution provides the most intuitive, easy-to-use, stress-free means of gaining comprehensive computer access to those who are disabled due to loss or restricted use of their hands or because of spinal cord or repetitive strain injuries, as well as patients with ALS, cerebral palsy and other debilitative conditions.
It is also noteworthy that in one study dancers reporting more debilitative imagery also reported greater intensities of anxiety and lower self-confidence.
com ) is a Florida based Autologous Adipose Stem Cell treatment organization offering Stem Cell therapy and expertise to patients who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, a chronic and debilitative disease that affects over 2.
Anxiety is a negative emotion that affects perceptions in sport competitions, and this leads to majority of athletes to consider anxiety to be debilitative towards performance, which may result in decreases in performance [39, 33].
Cognitive anxiety components such as worry and concentration disruption certainly imply debilitative conditions.