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As had been the case when Daniel Buren clad museum guards in striped vests in Eindhoven in 1981, a work that clearly served as a point of departure for Sehgal's Venetian farce, the artist employs the guards of the German pavilion to perform inane gesticulations and to enunciate debilities such as "This is so contemporary.
On the joyful and hopeful side, there are the prospect and reality of improved treatments for brain diseases and debilities.
Accidents, suicides, homicide, smoking, dangerous drug use, excessive drinking and bullying are responsible for more deaths and debilities among young people than the aggregate of all diseases in our society today.
Although most historians are familiar with the exhortations against "onanism," the volume will provide much new information for specialists and generalists alike, such as the relatively late emergence of that term, the debilities associated with it, and the medical model upon which those debilities were based.