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is said to form a small fresh-water lake, called the Tso Khurgyal, shortly before its debouchure into Mapham (the high road to U-Tsang going between the two lakes).
side of the Leptra valley (which is the southern prolongation of the lake's immediate basin), where the latter is 3 or 4 miles wide; and though the bottoms of both are generally very flat, a large fanshaped alluvial delta spreads out of Pirse right across the breadth of Leptra; and the middle part of this bank, being as usual the highest, forms a low flat ridge, so exactly medial to the debouchure of the river that the stream wanders over it for some way, in widely subdivided shallows, before ultimately taking to one or other slope of the delta, or to both; and once parted the two streams cannot unite again, because the medial rise of the bank forms a complete though low bar across the whole bottom of the Leptra valley.
The main lake of Tsowar has an area of a few square miles only; it has one or two small mountain affluents, the chief of which from the southward expands a little before its debouchure into a pond or small lake of fresh water.