debt owed

See: setoff
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Summary: The Tunisian Electricity and Gas Corporation (STEG) announces a slate of one billion dinars of unpaid debt owed to its customers, 40% of which are public companies, announced its CEO,
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO - 27 June 2017: Egypt is scheduled to pay back a $700 million six-month premium on the foreign debt owed to the Paris Club next week, a senior banking official told Egypt Today Tuesday.
7 million of debt owed to the Commonwealth in this region.
The size of debt owed by the government reduced by about $1.
The Dominican Republic's largest foreign debt, the bilateral debt owed to Venezuela and taken on by governments under enticing financial conditions through PetroCaribe, now has to be paid.
According to a report issued by the Central Bank of Yemen (CBY) and Saba got a copy of it, the international financial institutions accounted for the largest proportion of the debt owed by Yemen with $ 3.
The amount of debt owed by Spanish banks to the European Central Bank (ECB) fell again in December, reportedly a sign of healthier credit conditions for the bailed out sector, Yahoo Finance reported on Tuesday.
7 billion of debt owed to Emirates NBD until 2017, the developer's Chairman Khalid Jassim bin Kalban said on Wednesday.
com)-- The Jayaram Law Group, a business law firm in Chicago with a focus on business-to-business debt collection, recently collected the entirety of a substantial six-figure debt owed to a client for nearly five years.
Yet it is debt owed to trade creditors that causes the most concern.
The Kyrgyz Finance Ministry will provide 142 million som loan until 11 October 2010 necessary to pay the debt owed to Uzbekistan in accordance with the decision made by the Kyrgyz Government, said Energy Minister Ilias Davydov at the plenary session of the Parliament today.
Mercantile Bancorp Inc (NYSE Amex: MBR) has said that it has finalised a debt exchange transaction that eliminates USD28m of debt owed to Great River Bancshares, Inc, and has transferred control of HNB National Bank to R Dean Phillips, the sole shareholder of Great River.