debt owed

See: setoff
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This relief also recognizes that financial institutions may not have the information to report bankruptcies, since the debt owed to the financial institution may not be included in the bankruptcy proceeding and there is no assurance that the financial institution will receive a copy of the bankruptcy notice.
During 1996, an event occurred that established that S became worthless during the year and, as of the end of the year, S is insolvent (due to debt owed to P).
6 at the direction of Hollywood, possibly because of a drug debt owed by Nicholas' halrother, Benjamin Markowitz, authorities said.
ANC expects to raise cash from the property sale in order to continue its operations and complete the reclamation obligations associated with its former uranium mill and to satisfy the debt owed to Cycle Resource Investment Corp.
That's right: Although roughly half of these countries' governments' entire budgets goes to paying the foreign debt, that is mainly debt owed to the international organizations.
The board has also finalized forgiveness of $100,000 of debt owed to Mr.
6, 2000, reportedly at the direction of Hollywood because of a drug debt owed by Nicholas' halrother, Benjamin Markowitz.
75 million debt owed by the Company to the former owners of Blue Mountain.
856(i)(1), the Service also ruled that, because QRS1 was disregarded for Federal income tax purposes prior to the merger, the QRS1 debt owed to REIT would also be disregarded.
7 billion of debt owed to Emirates NBD until 2017, the developer's Chairman Khalid Jassim bin Kalban said on Wednesday.
com)-- The Jayaram Law Group, a business law firm in Chicago with a focus on business-to-business debt collection, recently collected the entirety of a substantial six-figure debt owed to a client for nearly five years.