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With more and more organizations looking to leverage L&D and learning technology, the "Top 6 L&D Myths to Debunk in 2019" offers effective guidelines that will help businesses analyze their L&D practices and make informed decisions that to successfully achieve desired business objectives.
It debunks the conspiracy on its Web site, at http :// News/2001/News-MoonLanding.asp.
"It debunks those in a very straightforward and ordinary way.
This month, I wish to debunk another misconception that you may have encountered.
I wish to debunk these lies and once again state that I am still a member of the PDP and have no intention of leaving my party the PDP; not now and certainly not anytime in the future.
He does not attempt to explain racial differences, or to debunk the concept of race, he says, because it has been thoroughly debunked many times to no avail.
Alley, 74, authored a number of books on church-state separation and could always be relied on to debunk the Religious Right's pseudo-history.
Though excavations by French researchers in the 1950s seemed to debunk this claim, subsequent findings gave it new credence.
Here are three links to articles that should debunk both notions--that we don't care about anything else and that we are Bush supporters: http://www.notdeadyet.
To counter this guilt complex--peddled, according to Malkin, by high school textbooks, universities, ethnic activists, politicians, and the media--Malkin sets out to debunk what she describes as politically correct myths about internment: that it was motivated primarily by racism and hysteria, that there was no national security justification for it, and that the relocation and internment camps were Nazi-style death camps.