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It debunks the conspiracy on its Web site, at http ://kids.
Nonetheless, Jones' use of the endorsement test to debunk the pretensions of ID can also serve to inspire students and citizens in our country to combat false beliefs by promoting the ideal of a "reasonable, objective observer.
Although Penn Jillette, left, and Teller perform illusions for Las Vegas audiences, the duo debunk the less-magical fakery of others on their Showtime program.
Shapiro sometimes loses track of his argument in thickets of technical detail, and like anyone who sets out to debunk, he can get to sound smug.
Led by three-time Microsoft MVP and world-renowned server-based computing expert Brian Madden, The Brian Madden Company is an independent technology analyst firm that helps IT administrators debunk the fluff that comes from software vendors.
Brown, a psychiatrist, attempts to debunk some of the misconceptions surrounding the syndromes, citing the latest neuroscience research.
Not only does the author debunk myths, he explains how and why they started and shows how some persist even in the light of being proven false.
Lomborg, thinking it would be an amusing and instructive exercise to debunk a "right-wing" anti-environmentalist American, assigned his students the project of finding the "real" data that would contradict Simon's outrageous claims.
Brill and Cliff Feigenbaum, debunk the myth that using environmental and social criteria to guide investment choices results in lower profits.
We need only observe a mother's natural superabundance of love for her children to debunk such an idea.
Perhaps most fascinating is his personal battle to debunk the eighteenth-century medical fad of mesmerism.