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The Web helps spread urban legends and conspiracy theories, but it can also help debunk them.
Lomborg, thinking it would be an amusing and instructive exercise to debunk a "right-wing" anti-environmentalist American, assigned his students the project of finding the "real" data that would contradict Simon's outrageous claims.
A brutally honest, well-researched book that debunks common myths and sharply warns readers to be vigilant against being manipulated, and strongly recommended reading for all eligible voters.
He debunks many common medical myths and misconceptions, including touch therapy, magnet therapy, and the use of shark cartilage to ward off cancer.
Reuel Marc Gerecht in "The Counterterrorist Myth," debunks the notion that the U.
Researcher Gerald Bracey, who frequently debunks voucher proponents' propaganda about "failing" public schools, has compiled some of his best data on a website.
With a perceptive naturalist's eye, and an elegant writer's touch, essayist Gordon Grice details the existence of these skin-crawling creatures, debunks myths about them, and satisfies our wonder at his life-long fascination with them.
With his customary mastery of the historical record and his command of enormous amounts of source material, Chomsky here debunks the notion that the "new world order" of Bush and Clinton is different in any essentials from the old world order.
95) explores and debunks more than one hundred commonly held myths about alcohol and drug addition including the popular misconceptions that alcoholics lack willpower, that proper parenting and involvement can prevent alcoholism, that successful people can't be alcoholics, and that being an alcoholic can explain all of a person's failures in life.
He systematically debunks this concept by revealing the sexual habits of scores of animals and specifically the promiscuous nature of females.
Michael Fumento, a reporter for Investor's Business Daily, does say so as he meticulously debunks many of late 20th century's most prominent technoscares.