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Neal's impressive discography now has a new highlight with three #1 LPs Debuting IN A ROW on Billboard's Top 200 Albums Chart.
Debuting with the popular MONOPOLY licensed brand, the Super Money Grab game is sure to be the first of many exciting new games in this revolutionary new product category from WMS.
Given the network's late start, thanks to the Olympics (another dud) and other sports-related and political pre-emptions - some shows were debuting as late as November, as opposed to the traditional September premieres - a few series were given a little extra leeway to fail.
The show, which fosters creativity through music and art, began debuting around the world, most recently in Australia and New Zealand and will next launch in France, India and Taiwan.
Mercedes-Benz is debuting its under-$30,000 C-Class Sports Coupe, while BMW is rolling out an M Coupe and M Roadster.