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A slight down on her upper lip, about the corners, began to spread and darken like a trail of smoke; her temples grew shiny; decadence was beginning!
"It is another example of my decadence. My attitude quite an indefensible one--is that so long as I am no trouble to any one I have a right to do as I like.
And this was no slow decadence that came to the Europeanised world; those other civilisations rotted and crumbled down, the Europeanised civilisation was, as it were, blown up.
Victorian Sensations: Decadence and Degeneration BBC Four, 9pm Paul McGann explores the 1890s, discovering how the works of HG Wells and Oscar Wilde were shaped by fears of moral degeneration.
The aroma, texture, taste of the fragrant nut deliciously intensifies the classic Belgian chocolate flavour of Magnum and how moulded into a bar of pure hazelnut-flavoured decadence, the brand is delighted to announce the launch of the new Magnum Hazelnut ice cream across the country.
A certain amount of decadence and rakishness is required to produce a worthwhile work of art or piece of literature.
When you head for the 2019 Chocolate Decadence on Feb.
This true metamorphosis that humankind crosses is basically the subject of the 'The Decadence of Our Souls', a deftly crafted novel by Claudiu Murgan that tells the story of expanding the consciousness and awakening of the soul of the inhabitants in two very different worlds.
Contract notice: supply of meals (including breakfast and decadence), on-call staff, patients and enclosed departments, with accompanying equipment and distribution thereof,
NNA - Dar-al-Fatwa urged the Lebanese state in a statement on Tuesday, to intervene to protect society from "moral decadence," vowing "to stand in the face of whoever breaches religious teachings and moral values."
One of her creation's is Ube Decadence, a flan-shaped panna cotta with ube crumb topping.
Beginning at the End: Decadence, Modernism, and Postcolonial Poetry