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Miladee Azur, Legazpi City disaster risk reduction and management officer, said Mayor Noel Rosal has ordered the decampment of evacuees in the city on Thursday.
Achebe makes sure that society is more than willing to receive the new set of values seen clearly in the decampment of several Natives and later dignitaries.
cities, our mayor, City Council, city manager and chief of police managed to resolve the Occupy Eugene situation without resorting to a forced decampment.
Asaph, Brymbo steel works, countless coal mines and the odd Japanese decampment after five year''s residence now that the government grants have expired.
Beckett is upping sticks at the end of the Flat season, hoping, with an endearing naivety, to be in his new home by Christmas, but he has rather more on his plate than the rest of us as he plans the decampment.
Rating: 4/5 Maggie Cotton BIRMINGHAM CONTEMPORARY MUSIC GROUP Midland Arts Centre, Cannon Hill Park Even when it moves away from home, Birmingham Contemporary Music Group carries full houses with it wherever it goes, and Monday's decampment to the cultural theme park which is the Midlands Arts Centre saw all BCMG's regular fans plus a gaggle of new faces crowding the theatre.
The histories of postcolonial states frequently degenerate into civil wars or other internecine conflicts that undermine the fragile forms of social organization built out of the anomic social rubble of colonial decampment.
London-based hacks moaned incessantly about the logistical nightmare of the journey to Cardiff during the FA Cup final's six-year decampment to the Welsh capital.
Liverpool Tate director Christoph Grunenberg, also jury chairman for the upcoming 2007 prize to be announced on December 3, spares nothing in his assessment of the Turner's decampment to the Albert Dock gallery, complete with guaranteed live television coverage and an ensured avalanche of newsprint reviews money just can't buy
And a flurry of signings should not be expected this side of their decampment for a week-long training break at Lilleshall in two weeks' time.
The five waves, respectively, are: New France's canadiens in the seventeenth century; the Loyalist decampment following the American Revolution in the eighteenth century; an early modern, largely British, flood into Upper Canada in the first half of the nineteenth century; the mix of Britons, Americans, and continental European prairie pioneers at the turn of the twentieth century; and that motley polyphonic wave from around the globe settling in Metro Canada in the past half-century.