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The decantation stage first involved the determination of an initial demixing time until appearance of a clear interface level (Table 2).
Besides its relevance to discharging and pumping, rheological behavior is a factor that should be evaluated in the separation process of the biodiesel-glycerin phases by decantation and centrifugation.
Separation of solids in suspension Separation of solids in suspension is carried out by decantation in several phases.
The examination included microscopic analysis of both fecal specimens and rectal swab by means of 5 different methods: direct smear in isotonic NaCl solution and in Lugol's solution, Faust's flotation procedures, decantation procedures and Graham's cellophane adhesive.
Coolant is sucked out of a machine and put in one of three 2,000-gallon decantation tanks.
Well, Hjerten's achievement was a "Copernican revolution" because, in reality, he described zone electrophoresis in straight quartz tubes of 1-3 mm diameter; he had to rotate them along their axis to prevent decantation of denser macromolecular zones.
The turnkey centrifuge operating system can be entirely cart mounted for small laboratory environments where portable equipment can perform both as filtration and decantation units.
The clay fraction was then removed by repeated settling and decantation, making sure to observe appropriate settling times for the fine silt fraction prior to each decantation.
Processing incorporates a crushing and grinding circuit, cyanide leaching, counter current decantation, zinc precipitation and smelting.
In order to accept a polluting load related to the treatment of sludge and grease from the roanne wastewater treatment plant by methanisation energy recovery, and to significantly reduce the quantity of untreated water discharged into the natural environment by rain (exceeding the instantaneous hydraulic capacity of the wastewater treatment plant) roannais agglomration decided to increase the treatment capacity of the roanne wastewater treatment plant by building a primary effluent decantation unit.