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For fecal collection by the decantation method, eight cylindric glass fiber tanks with a capacity of 80L and conical bottom were used.
The second phase of decantation takes place in the decanters, where the water is sent through a pressure pipe line from the pumping areas of the scale pit and the reception pool.
* A decantation tank with liquid product handling and recycling system
(1995) was modified and tested in shaking periods (S) of 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5h with decantation period fixed in 2.5h, using an orbital shaker and a sphere-glass to improve the soil detachment, and decantation period (D) of 1.5 and 2.0h after applying shaking period of 2.0h.
Tout en qualifiant [beaucoup moins que] ces opposants de patriotes agissant pour l'interet du pays [beaucoup plus grand que], elle met l'accent sur la decantation dans les rangs du FLN.
Clearly this has to help in the vital task of being able to attract Government posts if, and when, the Lyons report is implemented, which will see the decantation of civil service jobs out of central London.
Tenders are invited for housekeeping and rake decantation job at karari depot
Selon la Direction de l'environnement, [beaucoup moins que] le lac presente sert de bassin de decantation pour le barrage Sarno, auquel il est relie par une conduite souterraine d'environ 1.500 a 2.000 m de long : phenomene se produisant en periode de crues.
And not only is this significant share of the market at risk, London and the Home Counties could also suffer from the planned decantation of government offices to regions such as the North-East.
Tenders are invited for tank wagons decantation, tank wagons degassing and ada cylinders list work for disposal at piyala lpg plant
La decantation au niveau du groupe de tete s'est faite au 27e tour suite a une attaque de 11 coureurs.
Tenders are invited for Under the power generation company Maryadit, the work of closing the opening between the slat and the slab of the decantation well at 2 C 500 MW ABVTPS Janjgir-Champa by Angle Iron Box.