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The earlier a child accesses dental care, the more likely the child will have fewer decayed teeth.
2 : to slowly worsen in condition <The old theater decayed.
Across Blaenau Gwent, 70 per cent of youngsters suffer decayed teeth.
3 teeth either decayed, missing or filled teeth at the age of five.
Remove the decayed atoms and place in a second pile.
A US Task Force report in 2002 found average tooth decay reductions between 30% and 50% among children aged 4 to 17, whilst a review published in 2007 showed that adults with lifelong residence in fluoridated areas have between 27% and 35% fewer teeth decayed than those who have always lived in non-fluoridated areas.
The second timber, an obviously decayed railroad bridge beam, was subjected to ultrasonic inspection transverse to the grain.
For example, certain collapsed tabletops had much lower nitrogen-15 concentrations than did the decayed floorboards they rested on.
The government's overall target is that by 2003 five-year-olds should have on average no more than one decayed, missing or filled tooth, with 70% experiencing no problems.
At that time, the group concluded that each fleeting atom of element 118 rapidly decayed into other elements, including never-before-seen element 116.