deceased person

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This is because the right to sue for a breach of confidentiality or invasion of privacy vests in deceased persons during their lifetime, and not in their next of kin or executors after their death.
Relatives who had mixed feelings or regrets about seeing the body said that authorities coerced them into identifying the deceased person or failed to prepare them for what the body looked like.
Whether consent to procure organs and tissues from deceased persons is explicit' or presumed' depends on each country's social, medical and cultural traditions, including the manner in which families are involved in decision-making about health care generally.
With the addition of grief, sorrow and mental anguish as pecuniary injuries, the potential for higher wrongful death awards increases significantly because now not only will the jury hear of the suffering of the deceased person prior to death, but they will also hear of the grief, sorrow and mental anguish of the surviving heirs and next of kin of the deceased person.
This is interesting because the Florida Probate Code provides that the heirs of a deceased person who dies intestate (without a valid will) are generally the surviving spouse as to half the estate and the lineal descendants (children, grandchildren, etc.
In 22 cases, the child's statements were found to match events in the life of a specific deceased person.
They try to identify the reincarnated ancestor by means of birthmarks, statements a child makes when it becomes able to speak, and behavioral resemblances between the child and the deceased person of whom it is the presumed reincarnation.
At the time, BBC guidelines forbade any fictional depiction of a living person without that person's approval, or of a recently deceased person without the support of that person's relatives.
These filings will show if a will has been offered for probate, and/or whether any individual has requested letters of administration in reference to the estate of the deceased person.
However, an applicant who is not aware of the Aadhaar number or Enrolment ID Number (EID) of the deceased will be required to provide a certificate that the deceased person does not possess Aadhaar number to the best of his/her knowledge and it should be duly informed and also prescribed that any false declaration given by the applicant in this regard will be treated as an offence as per the provisions of the Aadhaar Act, 2016 and also Registration of Birth and Death Act, 1969.
Contractor Shall Provide Deceased Person Transportation Services Twenty-four (24) Hours A Day, Seven (7) Days A Week, As Needed To Meet The Demand For Service.