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The Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference in a statement objected to the visit of Sri Ravi Shankar to Kashmir saying that Kashmiris were astonished to know as to how saints like Sri had fallen in the deceitful trap of Indian authorities.
We are a deceitful, manipulative, wicked, religious bunch.
Andrew Barr should apologise to the staff at Human Services for this abuse of the independence of the Public Service and to the people of Canberra for this deceptive and deceitful campaign.
However, without any effective way to challenge such deceitful behaviour, it is considered normal for politicians to behave like this.
The NuLab Tory-Lite cadre of deceitful MP's should be told in no uncertain terms either they support the Labour Party and give the UK an effective opposition or resign and make way for those who will.
His quest leads him to Egypt, where the Nazis are plotting to use the Ark to further Hitler's plans for world domination - aided by Jones's deceitful French rival.
Nadeem Khan of Mohammad Zai while registering FIR told the Cantonment Police that alleged kidnappers Wahid Ali, Irshad Ali, Amjad Ali, Asif Ali and Shahnawaz kidnapped his wife Alina Bibi and son Sardar Ali in a deceitful manner.
The public, unfortunately, has a tendency to generalize and put all journalists, doctors, politicians and judges who are not corrupt and deceitful in the same basket with those who are, comments Dimitar Grumar.
These were not sophisticated thefts but they were carried out in an utterly deceitful and heartless way.
The threat of a German veto is populist and deceitful," Swoboda declared in a statement published on the website of the S&D group.
Palampur, Oct 27 ( ANI ): Senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader Sushma Swaraj on Saturday said the Congress-led UPA Government was not only corrupt and insensitive, but also deceitful.
The Cuban regime is secretive, deceitful and uncooperative with international health officials.