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Deceitfully the Government used a statutory instrument, a form of democratic short-cut, to avoid full parliamentary scrutiny.
Shah through his counsel Firdous Ahmad Bhat has sent a legal notice to Vishal Bhardwaj, director of Haider to apologise for using the footage deceitfully or face damages claim of ` 50 lakh.
These deceitfully beautiful, derelict landscapes contain places of historical violence.
Birmingham City Council, under the leadership of Sir Albert Bore, have acted deceitfully and cowardly for having the gall to secretly erect new bus lane signs and to change the directional signs to the Birmingham Children's Hospital, allegedly erected under the cover of darkness, just days before a traffic watchdog ruled on the controversial scheme.
The FDIC alleged the banks of manipulating LIBOR between Aug 2007 and mid-2011 and accused that by filing the wrong estimate for their borrowing costs used to calculate LIBOR, the banks deceitfully suppressed it.
Nine others, including the former board chairman, former deputy general manager of Tonghua Mining (Group) Co., Ltd and former deputy manager of the Babao mine, received jail terms ranging from 10 months to four years for responsibility in the fatal accidents or deceitfully reporting work safety accidents.
"They deceitfully created false paperwork showing the goods had been sold in the UK through their string of companies, adding VAT on each transaction.
Maryam Rajavi, the group's overall leader, issued a statement in Paris accusing Kobler of a "betrayal of human rights," of "lies" and of "deceitfully" conveying "bogus reports" to the UN Security Council.
I think it would have been more appropriate if you directed this kind of accusation towards the people who took her money deceitfully, not respecting her age and her status.
Additional sessions judge Yogesh Khanna concluded that there were facts prima facie to suggest that the accused, along with another juvenile associate, conspired to deceitfully induce the girl and her male friend to board the vehicle believing it to be a chartered bus for raping the victim and committing other offences.
"Deceitfully, they have chosen to link the pay issue to the forthcoming budget.
While the effects of propagating false claims in the lead-up to elections isn't clear, scientists worry about the potential for the social platforms to be used deceitfully to influence behavior at the voting booth.