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Does the player exaggerate the effect of a normal contact challenge in order to deceive the referee?
Of course, then shooters can deceive goalies with false cues.
Mohammed Ali, aged 25 and from Smethwick, even staged a mock "arrest" as he continued to deceive his victim.
authorities deceive the people saying earlier about the salary growth in all the sectors starting 1 January 2014.
At-taqiyah has since become a formula allowing Shi'ites to deceive.
threw out the claim, ruling that the name has become generic, there was no fraud, saying that Amazon had not "made any false statement (express or implied) of fact that actually deceived or had the tendency to deceive a substantial part of the audience.
However, when Carl Bergstrom, a biologist, says that "organisms deceive one another in every imaginable way in order to attain every conceivable advantage," and gives us, as examples, "the chemical mimicry that caterpillars use to invade the nest chambers of ants" and the contortions of "the mimic octopus that can imitate a wide range of poisonous creatures and other underwater objects" (21-22), it is not clear whether this deception is supposed to be passive, like the tiger's camouflage, or active, which has yet to be defined.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's top air defense commander on Monday underscored that the country enjoys the capability to deceive incoming enemy missiles and redirect them towards new targets.
In the course of investigating trust between robots and humans, researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology developed algorithms that tell a robot when and how to deceive.
According to the standard philosophical definition, lying is saying something that you believe to be false with the intent to deceive.
Bandi (right) claimed that rivals were unfairly using the names of his companies, Jobmasters and Modern Media Publishing, adding: "I never tried to deceive a single business.
I learned that, over the centuries, that word evolved into meaning "to deceive someone's hopes or to disappoint someone" and eventually "to be defective".