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The reason is, I replied, that you attribute some profound meaning to my words; but I am only saying that deception, or being deceived or uninformed about the highest realities in the highest part of themselves, which is the soul, and in that part of them to have and to hold the lie, is what mankind least like;--that, I say, is what they utterly detest.
And, as I was just now remarking, this ignorance in the soul of him who is deceived may be called the true lie; for the lie in words is only a kind of imitation and shadowy image of a previous affection of the soul, not pure unadulterated falsehood.
Aramis, a voice within me speaks and seems to trickle forth a rill of light within my darkness: it is a voice that has never yet deceived me.
D'Artagnan, deceived, did him honor; but D'Artagnan, trustful and reliant, made him feel ashamed.
If he sees, when it is too late, he is a Gascon, and will never admit that he has been deceived.
She bursts into tears, declaring herself the wretchedest, the most deceived, the worst-used, of women.
Mrs Lammle, we have both been deceiving, and we have both been deceived.
An estimated 150 million Americans were exposed to IRA content on Facebook or Instagram, yet only a small fraction know whether they were deceived by these posts.
Addressing a news conference in Sargodha alongside his son Sahibzada Qasim Sialvi, the spiritual leader said that the Punjab government has deceived them.
The list includes not only travel agencies, but also hotels and other companies that deceived tourists, he said.
The incident, which led to West Ham being awarded a penalty in 18th minute, was reviewed by three-person panel, with all three panellists agreeing Lanzini successfully deceived the match official -- which led to the FA charge.
In my view, Everton's Niasse has dived to earn his team a penalty and Mr Taylor was successfully deceived.