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I'm afraid you are cruel, cruel deceivers,"--and Dobbin certainly thought he felt a pressure of the hand which Miss Osborne had extended to him.
Go, deceiver, go, some day, Sir, p'r'aps you'll waken, from pleasure's dream to know, the grief of orphans forsaken.
This is my first manly prudence, that I allow myself to be deceived, so as not to be on my guard against deceivers.
I condoled with Tiare, and remarked feelingly that men were deceivers ever, then asked her to go on with her story of Strickland.
Three years ago she returned to TV to play a raunchy housewife in BBC drama Rich Deceiver.
Wayne - on ITV's Talking Telephone Numbers next Monday - said: "I am not a deceiver by nature.
It is a good point that is strengthened as we watch the journey of rapist, murderer, liar and deceiver Don Giovanni to those gates of hell.
Bluster, lies and screams of Fake News are wearing thin for the great deceiver.
The puffball and amethyst deceiver are both edible.
45 RPM, The Deceiver and many more, this once in a lifetime concert will feature all of Mike Peters and The Alarm's greatest music backed by the symphonic grandeur of the Welsh Pops Symphony Orchestra, conducted by John Quirk.
Deception is often employed strategically to manipulate an adversary's perceptions to gain a competitive advantage while disguising the basic objectives, intentions, strategies, and capabilities of the deceiver.