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There is a complex continuity to Strand's work that upon first appearance is deceivingly simple.
com) is deceivingly rich for such a pale cherry red.
Zou has and will continue to provide Nervicon with additional proprietary and confidential documents and information in effort to deceivingly and unfairly compete against St.
The percussion-cap-fired, coned-shaped case looks odd, but it is deceivingly subtle.
The altitude, low temperature and deceivingly high winds make it a very difficult and dangerous trek.
When assessing linear relationships between log-normal distributions, such as bacterial indicator concentrations, high data values have more influence on the analysis than do low data values and might create a deceivingly strong relationship.
Consequently some atomic weights ought to be reported as ranges, rather than the deceivingly exact numbers commonly printed on periodic tables.
He sure does pile a lot on his deceivingly 'little plates'.
Don't be afraid of the myriad of flavors in this balanced black ale as it is deceivingly soft and sessionable especially during the dark days of winter.
1) At first glance, access to care can be as deceivingly simple as having enough appointments for the healthcare demands of the community.
The fact that it dares to be different--by pursuing a Brazilian-centered foreign policy--shows the audacity of the deceivingly loveable Lula.
The fact that it dares to be different - by pursuing a Brazilian-centered foreign policy - shows the audacity of the deceivingly loveable Lula.