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A newcomer to the local theater scene, Weise fills the role with such lapidary emotional precision, and yet in a deceivingly carefree way, that she put this reviewer in mind of a young Mary Steenburgen.
Deceivingly simple in appearance, each of Confetti System's works reveals a studied, multidisciplinary process, one that considers how a piece moves, whether it will photograph well, and how it will interact with both a venue and its viewers.
As emphasized throughout this series, "boilerplate" terms are deceivingly innocuous -- but they are not.
Their verdicts should impel TTP leaders to consider whether it was right to train teenage boys as suicide bombers and deceivingly making them believe that no sooner they will blow themselves up, that they will be welcomed by hoors and taken to paradise.
A daunting task for most children, but not Amrin with her deceivingly shy exterior.
The industry's overall contribution to the economy, furthermore, is deceivingly small: mining employs just 2.
Adobe Photoshop can also be used to manipulate images deceivingly.
That said, this deceivingly diminutive book presents an abundance of interesting points on works by some of the key stage designers of early twentieth century America.
This deceivingly simple question is a staple of business or sales meetings, cocktail parties, networking functions, interviews and cold calls.
Now he is a deceivingly skinny welterweight who can bang a damn sight harder than expected.
Again, it is best to avoid mineral oils, as they contain no active ingredients and can be deceivingly drying for your mane, while natural oils will inject your hair and scalp with hair-boosting nutrients.