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They use an electric motor or alternator to generate electricity as the vehicle decelerates, thereby recovering a portion of the vehicle's kinetic energy.
Mazda examined automobile accelerating and decelerating mechanisms, and developed a highly efficient regenerative braking system that rapidly recovers a large amount of electricity every time the vehicle decelerates. Unlike hybrids, Mazda's system also avoids the need for a dedicated electric motor and battery.
Prices have gone up substantially and they're starting to decelerate to the point that everyone's saying, maybe it's over right now.
Growth in prescription drug spending is expected to decelerate from 17.3% in 2000 to 10.1% for 2001.
Though the jet was continuing to decelerate, I had no way to slow it with normal braking.
Growth will decelerate from the 1993-1998 rate due largely to moderating production of key end-use products such as trucks and buses.
Special emphasis must be placed on the rotator cuff muscles - a group of four small but powerful muscles that stabilize the shoulder capsule, assist throwing, and help decelerate the arm during the follow-through.
Moreover, the growth in the export of banking services may decelerate, as the inflow of funds from Germany is expected to abate.
Diokno said yesterday that inflation may fall within the 2.0 percent to 4.0 percent range during the April to June period and could further decelerate to the lower end of the government's target in the second-semester.
'Meanwhile, should inflation edge closer to within target, growth decelerate until the first half 2019 and the (US Federal Reserve) Fed indeed take on a more dovish stance next year, the BSP may quickly slash its main policy rate as early as second quarter,' he said.
The BSP said headline inflation has peaked and should continue to decelerate due to favorable base effects and that there are legislated measures that aim to resolve food supply shortage issues.
The results showed that in gusts, air drag causes part of the deceleration, but in addition, antennae sense airspeed changes and induce a response that causes the fly to decelerate even further.