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As the government signs up for a three-year stabilisation programme later this month, the IMF projects that the growth rate will decelerate to 2.9pc and 2.8pc in 2018-19 and 2019-20, respectively.
They use an electric motor or alternator to generate electricity as the vehicle decelerates, thereby recovering a portion of the vehicle's kinetic energy.
Mazda examined automobile accelerating and decelerating mechanisms, and developed a highly efficient regenerative braking system that rapidly recovers a large amount of electricity every time the vehicle decelerates. Unlike hybrids, Mazda's system also avoids the need for a dedicated electric motor and battery.
In a soft landing, the economy decelerates to trend after a period of above-trend growth.
When the friction material contacts the shaft, a braking action decelerates and then stops any falling load.
Like the actuator, the shortened cable pulls the cargo toward the parachutes and decelerates the load to 8 feet per second.
The hybrid system recovers energy when the driver decelerates or brakes.
"It decelerates faster than you [could] in your car in a panic stop," he says.