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Deep variable decelerations occurred and the Pitocin was stopped at 7:53 a.m.
Throughout the active phase of labor, the fetus demonstrated intermittent mild variable decelerations, and the fetal heart rate baseline increased to 180 beats per minute (BPM).
In addition, intrauterine growth restricted fetuses have a higher risk of decelerations without a commensurate higher risk of morbidity (Am J Perinatol.
For this analysis we also determined the presence of FHR decelerations influenced by uterine contractions.
The objective of this study was to design a reliable and valid approach to evaluate overall MWC resistive losses by measuring decelerations during straight and turning trajectories and calculating the resistive forces based on the deceleration profiles.
Appropriate application should require a determination whether a valid or factually new default occurred, whether accelerations or decelerations factually occurred, and whether the prior foreclosure action was dismissed voluntarily or involuntarily.
Heart rate variation and movement incidence in growth-retarded fetuses: the significance of antenatal late heart rate decelerations. Am J Obstet Gynecol 1987; 157: 126-33.
In practice, at higher speeds and more drastic decelerations, wheels and suspensions may well give way before the vehicle tips over: so there is potential damage, but it's not a write-off in terms of bodywork.
Austin, or some other physician, of the late decelerations and the damage being done to the fetus.
Table 1 shows the frequency of accelerations and decelerations and their associated growth rates during selected periods.
With the mixer or the roll mill rotors operating individually one can change the friction ratio, the rotor offset, the direction of rotation, the acceleration, speed and deceleration, and one can start and stop under full load for an indefinite time period.
Similarly, both the mean and maximum decelerations were higher during the first exposure compared with the second exposure.