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You wouldn't have thought Rusty very decent if you'd seen him when he came here," said Stella.
One longed to throw off that yoke that crushed us, all decent people among us.
Home Office Minister Caroline Flint joined tenants from across Yorkshire to mark the success of the Decent Homes scheme.
A group statement said: "Meeting the government's Decent Homes Standard will ensure tenants' homes are in a reasonable state of repair, with at least some reasonably modern facilities and are warm.
The ministry further warned aggrieved workers to follow the procedures as spelled out in the 2015 Decent Work Act.
Tabling a motion before parliament 0n Friday seeking government to introduce a decent living wage policy, Mr Nthaile said this would afford families a decent and dignified life, which would also promote health and wellness.
Although clearly bred for stamina she looks very speedy and could be decent.
The commission stood by the urban poor group Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap (Kadamay) on its demand for decent housing during a joint Senate-House public hearing on Tuesday.
In particular, according to him, it is crucial to de-shadow wages, to destroy the system of leveling, to give the opportunity to build a high quality retirement scheme, so that Ukrainian pensioner, and they are millions of people, could understand that if he/she works he will get decent pension, and it will be guaranteed by the state.
Was a nice break from the wife tbh got some decent kip''The neighbours can be noisy & you don't get out much'
The programme was initiated in the context of the socio-economic development of the country; labour and employment trends and to discuss the role of young women and men and academia in promoting Decent Work amongst a wide stakeholder base, said a press release on Monday.
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