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Decentralisation is a top priority of the extensive reform programme implemented by the Ukrainian government.
The meeting aims to stimulate debate on a Tunisian roadmap specifying the methodological and practical approaches for the implementation of decentralisation in Tunisia and the consideration of difficulties posed.
The strength of support for further fiscal decentralisation is perhaps surprising.
Fiscal decentralisation (FD) is considered an effective strategy to promote economic growth through controlling inflation [Martinez-Vazquez and McNab (2003)].
Most of the chapters show that decentralisation is not working as expected.
I, for one, welcome the opportunities for sustainable local decision making which decentralisation could bring.
The Ministry recently conducted a workshop in Mariental that was aimed at finalising its Decentralisation Action Plan (DAP), which will serve as an instrument to guide the various phases of the decentralisation process at regional level.
The other half, aimed at decentralisation and accountability, is being implemented now after new DRDO chief Avinash Chander identified it as one of his top priorities.
Son dernier manuscrit constitue dans cette lignee une impressionnante synthese dans la mesure ou l'auteur profite d'une reflexion specialisee sur les politiques de decentralisation pour enoncer au final une veritable theorie du pouvoir dans les politiques publiques.
In Table 6, the impact of revenue decentralisation on economic growth is shown.
He said: "The decentralisation programme was ill thought out and very rushed.
He is best remembered for his enmity towards decentralisation for Wales in the 1979 Referendum campaign when he successfully split Wales into factions; north and south, Welsh and English-speaking, valley and vale.