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The benefits of FD can only be realised if the process is complemented with good institutions which enhance the efficiency of the public goods and services by meeting the preferred needs of the local citizen; by increasing competition among provincial governments; by reducing corruption and by enhancing accountability The role of institutions is very crucial in making the theorem of decentralisation applicable, limi (2005) further extends this framework by incorporating the interactive term of FD and political institutions in the model.
The Namibian Decentralisation Policy aims to transfer decision-making regarding basic services from central government to regional councils and local authorities, in order to enhance service delivery and increase people's opportunities to participate in policy making.
In the case of Fiji, the least imposing form of decentralisation (deconcentration) was applied, entailing shifting workload from the tertiary hospital to the peripheral health centres, without a commensurate transfer of authority.
Decentralisation reforms are reckoned as the foremost solution to the problems of highly centralised and bureaucratic civil administration systems.
Toning down the 'big bang': the politics of decentralisation during the Yudhoyono years".
The Decentralisation reform in Ghana is making headway, and thats why we are backing it with financial support, along with other development partners.
But while decentralisation may be firmly in the sights of politicians and is something that businesses in the region are generally supportive of, is the public aware of the plans for decentralisation and do people understand its implications?
Siddig Gom Bab Al-Khir a indique que la reunion vient en application de la recommandation de la reunion regionale qui s'est tenue a Addis-Abeba le Fevrier dernier l'appui de l'application du federalisme et de la decentralisation dans les pays de l'IGAD.
Keywords: Fiscal Decentralisation, Inflation, Institutions, Pakistan
The Ministry recently conducted a workshop in Mariental that was aimed at finalising its Decentralisation Action Plan (DAP), which will serve as an instrument to guide the various phases of the decentralisation process at regional level.
Damascus, (SANA) -- The Ministry of Local Administration, in cooperation with the European Union, organized on Saturday a conference on decentralization and local development, coinciding with the launch of the second stage of the Decentralisation and Local Development Programme (MAM II).