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Decentralisation as a system to provide good health care governance can therefore be caught up in issues that may be divorced from health management or managing for health, such as making the health service goal-oriented, customer-focused using research and evidence (measure and monitor), transparency and accountability.
Chairperson of the decentralisation committee, Tjiuai Kaambo said the purpose of the workshop was to provide a thorough overview on the steps involved in decentralisation and activities to be performed in preparing regional staff for the delegation process.
The sub-title of the book suggests a primary emphasis on the fiscal aspect of decentralisation. However, most of the chapters do not give particular attention to fiscal decentralisation.
In real life, we seldom find any system similar to pure centralisation (where all decisions are taken by a single person) or pure decentralisation where everyone is actively involved in the decision-making process.
This is the second part of a study conducted in 2006 to evaluate the decentralisation process in Betim.
But Opposition critics have slammed the Government's performance saying decentralisation is dead and taxpayers' money has been flushed down the drain.
'Namibia has chosen decentralisation as a vehicle to realise the future need in terms of development and service delivery' he said.
He said decentralisation and deconcentration reforms are a long-term political commitment of the government and a central platform to be implemented by all ministries and institutions at both national and sub-national levels.
In a statement to the TAP, Bouzguenda pointed out that "the process of decentralisation must be progressive and that, once implemented, it could contribute effectively to regional development".
Les journees de l'entreprise qui devraient se poursuivre ainsi pour demain samedi 9 decembre 2017, s'articulent autour de six panels a savoir "L'impact economique de la decentralisation : prealables et vision", "La decentralisation et l'environnement des affaires", "La decentralisation, integrite et relations avec les politiques", "L'impact de la decentralisation sur la pression fiscale", "meme developpement pour toutes les regions : cas des metropoles et regions frontalieres" et "La decentralisation et le dialogue social".
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