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Although the decentralists were dismissed by their critics as being impractical, as fighting against the inevitable wave of ever-larger industrial and financial companies empowered by modern technology, their views have a remarkable contemporary resonance given today's globalized gigantism, absentee control, and intricate corporate statism, which are undermining both economies and workers.
Also, contrary to claims by decentralists that elected mayors are freer to pursue local economic development, the case study of Madagascar shows that elected mayors face stiff opposition from structures of power, including the presidency.
For those who know me as a radical decentralist, a supporter of devolution and a fully paid up member of the half-a-loaf-is-better-than-no-bread school of politics, this may come as a big surprise.
According to the author, the price reform policies were the compromised outcome of the conflicting views of the Centralists, Decentralists, and the Market Reformers in China.
The political and economic market adjustments that have occurred in inner cities and metropolitan areas have strengthened the hand of decentralists.
I suppose practicing decentralists are a threat to the Empire--in the way that love is the solvent of hate.
For example, the "government closer to home" idea is a concept beloved of decentralists, but one which must deal with other issues of resources, economies of scale and democratic accountability.
Of course, a minority government would have had to work harder, having to turn to its left or its right, to centralizers or decentralists, for support in Parliament--depending on the legislation in question.