deceptive belief

See: fallacy
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That is, the claim is true, but it creates a deceptive belief.
Consistent associations have emerged between these dispositional goals and effort, ability and deceptive beliefs about the causes of success in both the sport setting (Castillo, Balaguer, & Duda, 2002; Duda & White, 1992; Guivernau & Duda, 1998; Newton & Duda, 1993; Newton & Fry, 1998; Van Yperen & Duda, 1999) and the academic setting (Castillo, Balaguer, & Duda, 2001; Duda & Nicholls, 1992; Guivernau & Duda, 1998; Nicholls, Patashnick, & Nolen, 1985; Nicholls, Cheung, Lauer, & Patashnick, 1989; Nicholls, Coob, Wood, Yackel, & Patashnick, 1990; Thorkildsen, 1988).
Dental professionals need to look to the research to clarify the risk factors associated with smoking the hookah so they can better educate their patients and dispel deceptive beliefs.