deceptive belief

See: fallacy
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That is, the claim is true, but it creates a deceptive belief. That was the basis of an FDA deceptive labeling complaint against Perrier in 1990, he says.
Consistent associations have emerged between these dispositional goals and effort, ability and deceptive beliefs about the causes of success in both the sport setting (Castillo, Balaguer, & Duda, 2002; Duda & White, 1992; Guivernau & Duda, 1998; Newton & Duda, 1993; Newton & Fry, 1998; Van Yperen & Duda, 1999) and the academic setting (Castillo, Balaguer, & Duda, 2001; Duda & Nicholls, 1992; Guivernau & Duda, 1998; Nicholls, Patashnick, & Nolen, 1985; Nicholls, Cheung, Lauer, & Patashnick, 1989; Nicholls, Coob, Wood, Yackel, & Patashnick, 1990; Thorkildsen, 1988).
Dental professionals need to look to the research to clarify the risk factors associated with smoking the hookah so they can better educate their patients and dispel deceptive beliefs.