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We think that the interpretations of the cubs' moral behavior relates to the disclosure of the Spider's deceptiveness.
Suggesting the deceptiveness of "Sino-Japanese goodwill," Liang warned them against future punishments because "any behaviors depending on an abuse of power and impairing other people's benefits could never escape the blame from later generations" (1, 5).
Deceptiveness is one of the attributes of Satan mentioned in the Bible (Jn 8:44, 2 Cor 11:14); shifting shapes is one way Satan can deceive people and even angels.
Historians have long understood the deceptiveness of "facts" and the pretensions of writing "objective" history: they knew the shortcomings of positivism long before the arrival of postmodernism.
Gandalf quickly identifies the deceptiveness of Saruman's offer: "[O]nly one hand at a time can wield the One, and you know that well, so do not trouble to say we
Such deceptiveness is a recurring theme in the courtly lyrics of the troubadours and trouveres, who fixed the tradition within which Gawain's "luf-talkyng" was understood.
By portraying the Sea Lady as an outwardly "palpabl[e]" and "innocent" lady disguising sinister intentions, Wells suggests the entire notion of the "Womanly Woman" is predicated on superficiality and deceptiveness.
2008), "An Examination of Perceived Credibility of the 2008 Presidential Candidates: Relationships with Believability, Likeability, and Deceptiveness," Human Communication 11(4): 383-400.
Greater deceptiveness of switch control than in rail traffic occurs as a result of:
The standard of their deceptiveness has increased and the standard of education has gone down.
She examines each of the three statutory prohibitions--against the registration of deceptive trademarks, "deceptively misdescriptive" trademarks, and "primarily geographically deceptively misdescriptive" trademarks--and how they work in practice and in theory, as well as how the false advertising section of the Lanham Act prohibits deceptive trademarks, the role the consumer should play in determination of deceptiveness, and the statutory solutions.