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prep. short for "doing business as," when a person or entity uses a business name instead of his/her/its own. All states have requirements for filing a certificate of "doing business under a fictitious name" either with the county clerk, the state Secretary of State or some other official to inform the public as to the real person or entity behind a business name. It is not necessary if the business includes the name of the true owner and is not to be confused with the use of a corporation name, since that is registered with the state.

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He comes to Decibel from Frequency Therapeutics, where he served as chief medical officer.
Extremely loud noises over 120 decibels can cause immediate hearing loss.
"Publishing decibel readings and sharing it with the world might be the only way to get venues to address their noise levels and make their spaces more accessible for not just people with hearing loss but everyone, " added Mr Breckell (above).
NEIGHBOURS A bass drum can hit 100 decibels, more than twice the recommended limit, which is one thing if it's coming from the noisy be as 80 the stage at a festival, but it''s quite another if it''s pounding through the wall from at 3am (then there''s the DIY noises, barking dogs...).
Long-term exposure to sounds over 85 decibels can cause hearing loss, and noise-induced hearing loss can also be caused by a one-time exposure to an intensely loud noise.
"Sound pressure levels are measured in decibels and listening to music at 90 decibels for eight hours will cause definite hearing loss.
Few realize that prolonged exposure to high decibels may jeopardize their hearing.
Winston Lemon, Carmarthenshire council member for Glanymor in Llanelli, told the Western Mail he would like to see the decibel test used in his area.
"The decibel levels of portable listening devices vary.
The committee has granted festival organiser CV One a new entertainments and drinks licence for the event - but has limited bass levels to 75 decibels, the same level as its existing licence.
"The school disco is an hour and a half long and I have worked out that a safe decibel level should be 94.
Decibel level of a shriek emitted by tennis prayer Maria Sharapova during a Wimbledon match in July.