decide against

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The weapon which caused me to decide against an attempt at escape by flight was what was evidently a rifle of some description, and which I felt, for some reason, they were peculiarly efficient in handling.
But we must not decide against the justice of the people's cause merely because an excited mob was guilty of outrageous violence.
Mademoiselle," he said, gently, "why do you decide against me?
but if her uncle were to be a great while considering and deciding, and with very grave looks, and those grave looks directed to her, and at last decide against her, she might not be able to appear properly submissive and indifferent.
The old Marquis d'Esgrignon shall invite the Abbe de Sponde to dinner, so as to stop all gossip about Mademoiselle Cormon if I decide against her, or about me if she refuses me.
Moscow: Russia may organise an alternative tournament to the 2018 Winter Olympics for athletes who decide against participating in South Koreas' Games under the neutral-flag status, Alexander Zhukov, Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) president has said.
Another PCB official, however, said Raza's appointment was unlikely as PCB chief Zaka Ashraf looked set to decide against it.
International Resource News-22 January 2010-EDF to decide against selling UK power grid assets(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
1 : to decide against <The judge overruled the objection.