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Seeing this, and being quite exhausted by the excitement of the past few hours, the little girl decided that sleep would be the best thing to restore her strength and the easiest way in which she could pass the time.
KHANEWAL -- As many as 1,469 cases were decided in 14 sessions and additional sessions courts of the district in May 2017, while decision on 3,284 cases were still pending.
The Senate committee on ethics held a closed-door meeting on Tuesday and decided to keep the complaint against Senator Leila de Lima confidential to avoid 'premature publicity.
It was decided during the meeting that all the genuine affectees would be given legitimate compensation for their houses and soon the developmental work would be started in both sectors.
The research, among 2,000 home owners and current house hunters, found that with the supply of homes generally tight compared with the number of potential buyers, one in nine (11 per cent) people had decided to put in an offer within two minutes of viewing a property.
ANKARA, Apr 8, 2011 (TUR) -- Trade unions decided to celebrate this year's May Day at Taksim Square, Istanbul.
The committee had resolved that all pre and post-arrest bail applications should be decided within seven days.
I'll blar on for a bit now as I've not yet decided what to say here.
Rather than just move on, we decided that we needed to do something," Broderick says by phone from Indianapolis.
Hospital A has decided to purchase an operating room documentation system to improve scheduling of operative cases and increase productivity.
It then decided to purchase insurance (P policies) that would cover the projected liability and allow for premium payments that A could sustain.