decidedly different

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To the present day, however, the three dialects, and subdivisions of them, are easily distinguishable in colloquial use; the common idiom of such regions as Yorkshire and Cornwall is decidedly different from that of London or indeed any other part of the country.
It is a decidedly different reception than the one the Pistons received in Los Angeles for Games 1 and 2.
The commercials promote both MasterCard regular and gold cards under an umbrella approach that is decidedly different than any other credit card advertising.
The compounds are related to common products such as propylene glycol (a common solvent used in windshield wiper fluid) and turpentine, but are decidedly different.
Yet with his hair extensions and leather trousers, it's a decidedly different image from that of the buffed -up rap star and Calvin Klein model Marky Mark of nearly 10 years ago.
com has a decidedly different mission than our news products.
Oxygen's bold new comedy show "Girls Behaving Badly," premieres with a decidedly different point of view in September of 2002.
The Trojans ran out the final 39 seconds for their sixth consecutive victory over the Bruins, but this one had a decidedly different feel than the blowouts of the past few seasons.
Without it, the Monterey Peninsula would look decidedly different.
who takes a decidedly different view of computers and the people who run them.
The ad campaign, which is part of IBM's plan to maintain its leadership in the fast-growing mobile computer space, and timed to coincide with the launch of its latest ThinkPad model - the T30, takes a decidedly different tack than traditional PC ads that simply highlight the features of a machine.
Built around a special price promotion for Adobe Photoshop users, the procreate(TM) complement campaign also includes new compliment-themed ads, in-store and partner promotions, and a decidedly different e-card Web site at www.