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Future time perspective has been found to be integral to career maturity (Lennings, 1994; Savickas, Silling, & Schwartz, 1984), career decidedness (Ferrari, Nota, & Soresi, 2010), and career planning (Janeiro, 2010; Marko & Savickas, 1998).
The mediating roles of career self-efficacy and career decidedness in the relationship between contextual support and persistence.
2008; Scott & Ciani, 2008) and that career education improves career decision-making skills, career decidedness and vocational identity (Folsom & Reardon, 2003; Fouad, Cotter & Kantamneni, 2009).
Constructs represented by the three scales in this instrument have been positively associated with vocational identity, career decidedness, and academic and nonacademic indexes of self-concept, and negatively associated with more referrals to the principal's office and lower expectations for achieving life goals (Lapan et al.
Absolute career decidedness at the end of high school may not be desirable; it may be better to decide after having the opportunity to acquire specific skills and become knowledgeable about a career area.
Song & Park, 2009) indicated that achievement status in occupational identity was positively associated with other positive career variables, such as career decision-making skills, career search and decision-making self-efficacy, career choice readiness, and career decidedness.
Both career counsellors and their clients typically see the successful outcome of their interaction to be in terms of moving from undecidedness to decidedness.
A two-way ANOVA (with degree of decidedness and gender as the independent variables, and the total score on the CDDQ as the dependent variable) revealed a significant main effect for degree of decidedness (F(2, 1410) = 99.
The CDSES-SF total scores' validity is supported by negative associations with career indecision and positive associations with career decidedness (Betz et al.
For example, the cultural dimensions of career decision-making difficulties (Wei-Cheng, 2004); career maturity in career decidedness and career decision-making (Creed & Patton, 2003); the role of values in the career decision-making process (Colozzi, 2003); the link between vocational decision styles and career decision making (Amir & Gati, 2006); the role of relationships in career decision-making (Hargrove, Creagh & Burgess, 2002; Phillips, Christopher-Sisk, & Gravino, 200); self-efficacy in career decision making (Barry Chung, 2002); and levels of confidence as predictors of career decision-making ability (Paulsen & Betz, 2004) and self-esteem (Creed, Patton, & Bartrum, 2004).
The mediating roles of career self-efficacy and career decidedness in Inc relationship between contextual support and persistence.
Efficacy and outcome expectations influence career exploration and decidedness.