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Lounsbury and colleagues (2005) investigated Big Five traits and Career Decidedness and found Conscientiousness to be positively associated with Career Decidedness in three groups of adolescents.
Given the evidence that career development learning can serve as a specific personal pedagogy that improves career decision-making skills, career decidedness and vocational identity (Folsom & Reardon, 2003; Fouad et al.
The measures of career development that were chosen for the study focus on career self-efficacy, decision making, and identity; these variables seem to be important to the success of college students in that these factors have been associated with indecision about a college major (Bergeron & Romano, 1994), student persistence and satisfaction (Quinn, 1999), academic adjustment and grades (Chartrand, Camp, & McFadden, 1992), and career decidedness (Long, Sowa, & Niles, 1995).
For example, hope has been positively correlated with career planning, career decidedness, and career self-efficacy (Hirschi, 2014); adaptive coping and adjustment in a range of stressful situations (Barnum, Snyder, Rapoff, Mani, & Thompson, 1998; Snyder, 2002; Taylor & Armor, 1996); and more flexibility and positive thoughts (Snyder & McCullough, 2000).
2010), 'The mediating mole of self-efficacy and career decidedness in the relationship between contextual support and persistence', Journal of Vocational Behavior, 77, 186-195.
To better assist clients in designing their lives for the 21st century, many career counselors now concentrate on identity rather than personality, adaptability rather than maturity, intentionality rather than decidedness, and stories rather than scores.
Convergent validity has been demonstrated through studies that explored the CTI's relationship with measures of vocational identity, neuroticism, and career decidedness.
Absolute career decidedness at the end of high school may not be desirable; it may be better to decide after having the opportunity to acquire specific skills and become knowledgeable about a career area.
Closing the special issue, Susan Barclay and Kevin Stoltz (2016) introduce and examine a life-design-based group career counseling approach, drawing support for its use in promoting career decidedness and educational and occupational choice readiness.
Both career counsellors and their clients typically see the successful outcome of their interaction to be in terms of moving from undecidedness to decidedness.
The face validity of the CIS is clear: It consists of four self-report questions on decidedness and level of exploration.
A two-way ANOVA (with degree of decidedness and gender as the independent variables, and the total score on the CDDQ as the dependent variable) revealed a significant main effect for degree of decidedness (F(2, 1410) = 99.