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Meanwhile, people typically spend 31 hours deciding what to make for a dinner party and 17 hours to buy a new pair of jeans.
In deciding whether the law enforcement officials were entitled to qualified immunity from the lawsuit for a constitutional violation, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals recognized that "[i]nvestigators satisfy their obligations under Brady when they turn exculpatory and impeachment evidence over to the prosecutor.
But in deciding such a question, even if the judge is to look at the issues in a "preliminary way" only, in my opinion, he is still duty-bound to review the legal principles likely to be applicable at trial in some reasonable depth.
But before deciding to add, step back and study the proposed new service thoroughly and objectively.
In deciding how to meet this need, we investigated innovative ways to use current technologies.
That the cases are from other states is not particularly a hindrance; when deciding an issue for the first time, courts often look to cases from other states for guidance.
In dispensing with the Florida high court's efforts to resolve a confusing election-code tangle, derailing the election-contest process in Florida, and sidestepping the constitutionally established mechanisms for deciding disputed elections, the U.
In addition, the researcher will discuss with you any results that relate to your diagnosis or that may be useful in deciding on the best treatment for your disorder.
The second reason is the ability that the LRA data gave the tax manager and outside counsel to make meaningful comparisons in deciding which to pursue and which ones to defer.
By deciding your parenting style, building relationships with campers, and learning to be a fair disciplinarian, counselors can work effectively with campers.
Deciding to A "must be motivated by" a desire to A (p.
According to Neil Sandler, a managing director of Paine Webber and a panelist at the CFRI Conference, timing is everything, or at least a great deal, in deciding when to go public.