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Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Asif Saeed Khosa will give awards to the presiding officers of 24, out of the 167 MCTCs, on Friday (today) for deciding maximum number of cases at the district level.
Meanwhile, people typically spend 31 hours deciding what to make for a dinner party and 17 hours to buy a new pair of jeans.
One example of deciding in advance is when you offer to be the designated driver ...
Now for the hard part, deciding what a pass/fail grade is.
In deciding whether the law enforcement officials were entitled to qualified immunity from the lawsuit for a constitutional violation, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals recognized that "[i]nvestigators satisfy their obligations under Brady when they turn exculpatory and impeachment evidence over to the prosecutor." (37) Because this type of information had not been provided to the prosecutor in the case, the three individuals were not entitled to qualified immunity.
"Contemporary American politics faces few greater dilemmas than deciding how to deal with the resurgence of religious belief.
Lawyers for the school board said that since the board made choices in deciding school curricula, they should also be able to decide what books go in the schools' libraries.
A woman deciding whether to continue a pregnancy stands on moral ground.
In deciding to apply the revenue ruling, the Ninth Circuit interpreted the U.S.
The political will of the people, or the political power of corporate America, seems to weigh more heavily than the truth when deciding the future of social policy.
But before deciding to add, step back and study the proposed new service thoroughly and objectively.
In deciding how to meet this need, we investigated innovative ways to use current technologies.