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Sample Processing: A total of nine (n=9) permanent and four (n=4) deciduous teeth were collected.
In the literature, although many studies report scientific experiments in several countries and Brazilian states (Assuncao, Ferelle, Iwakura, & Cunha, 2009; Jesus et al., 2010; Coutinho & Cajazeira, 2011; Bucher, Neumann, Hickel, & Kuhnisch, 2013; Viegas et al., 2014; Berti, Hesse, Bonifacio, Raggio, & Bonecker, 2015; Elkarmi, Hamdan, Rajab, AbuDGhazaleh, & Sonbol, 2015; Feldens, Borges, Vargas-Ferreira, & Kramer, 2016), there are no studies determining data on dental trauma in deciduous dentition in the northern region of the State of Parana (PR), Brazil.
A vitality test with an electrical pulp tester yielded a positive reaction for the deciduous mandibular second molar.
In the study area Plane tree (Platanus orientalis) as a deciduous and Eldarica Pine as an evergreen (Pinus eldarica), Privet (Ligustrum vulgare) as a shrub and Smooth meadow-grass (Poa pratensis) as a grass were modeled.
We tested whether late frost reduced tree-ring growth in coniferous and deciduous trees.
Keywords Pediatric dentistry, deciduous teeth, pulp treatment, endodontic treatment
| RAISE new plants of deciduous azaleas, magnolias and other shrubs by layering low-growing shoots of young growth to soil level.
Several theories have been suggested such as genetic factors [20, 21], interchange in the position of the developing tooth buds, early loss or prolonged retention of deciduous teeth, and trauma and mechanical interference to the erupting permanent teeth [11, 21].
Every child loses deciduous teeth, which creates the perfect opportunity to recover and store this source of stem cells.
| Deciduous trees are trees that lose their leaves in the winter, but grow them back in the summer.
A concordance was found between the sizes of the deciduous second molars with the size of the permanent first molars, this might be helpful in prediction for arch length discrepancy.
The teeth, a deciduous incisor and an upper deciduous incisor, were respectively found in 1976 and 1992 but so far it had been impossible to establish their origins.